Everything You Need To Know About Stockified

Stockified is a place where you get #FREE pics for your personal and commercial use. Stockified is run by an Internet Entrepreneur and WordPress developer Kiran BV (founder of PapierBoat.com) and a Crazy Photographer Aditya G Bharadwaj(ab-dz) who tours across India to bring you exclusive Indian images to use in your personal blogs or any commercial projects. Get 10 #FREE images every Thursday.


Long long ago four years ago, Kiran felt that there is a need for #Quality #FREE stock images that are primarily shot in India. Since then he is working with Ab-dz to make this happen. After four long years of constant push, pull and brainstorming sessions, Stockified went live on Wed, June 01, 2016 at 11:58PM.

Living In The Moments

At Stockified, we are primarily concentrating on photos shot in India. However, we are not just limited to India. We wish to explore the length and breadth of India and other countries, capturing all the moments that are worth sharing with the world.

The Road Ahead

At Stockified, we are primarily covering Travel & Tourism category. The secondary categories that we have planned to include are Modelling & Fashion, Food, Shopping, Events & Nightlife, Architecture and Corporate. We are even shooting creative video content and are planning to release the #FREE Stock Video Section sometime later this year.

Funds & Support

At the moment, this project is completely self-funded. The domain, server and image-cloud hosting is funded by GetOnlineAddress.com (yet another child website of PapierBoat). Running a large-scale self-managed project is a very costly affair and hence, generous crowd funding is much appreciated, Click here to support us.

Shutter Count

Given the costs involved in traveling, shooting and paying bills, we need to explore ways to make money to keep our shutter counting. We have incorporated real estate for advertisements in our design and also dedicated place to thank all our supporters & sponsors and also to add in our affiliate marketing links. On top of it, we will also be blogging about every place that we travel, write reviews about every hotel where we stay and every place where we eat. We will blog about our itenary, photography, the business of running a stock marketplace and more.

Premium? Paid? Really?

Not exactly! At Stockified, we are planning towards having a premium section called Collections, wherein you get to download an entire collection of images/videos of that particular place/theme,  i.e., for example, we give 10 Free images from our Hampi Trip, but the complete set is of 25+ pics out of which only 10 were shared. In this case we are giving this entire set of 25+ images (including the ones from the regular free section) as a Premium Collection in zip format for a Pay What You Like payment.


We love to collaborate with talented photographers across the globe who are ready to produce exclusive content for Stockified. At the moment, interested photographers are requested to use our general contact form to get in touch with us. Currently, we are working towards building a revenue model that we want to share with all our contributors.

Last Updated : Sat, June 11, 2016